Is a Conservatory a Wise Investment?

It doesn’t matter how large your house is, you never seem to have enough space do you?

Somehow your life and possessions always expand to suit your property and then expand a little more. Before you know it, all of your cupboards are full up, the loft has been taken over by boxes and there is nowhere to put that new desk that you want.

Improvements to Add Space and Value

Moving house is very expensive and so it is best to improve the home you are in if you are looking for more space. However, any improvements should be undertaken advisedly as it isn’t always possible to recoup the value of your investment when it is finally time to move on.

You can certainly increase your available space by adding a conservatory but will you get your money back when you sell?

Size and Style Matter 

The short answer is yes, providing that you have built a quality conservatory which is in keeping with the house. Ugly additions and those which are poorly constructed will actually reduce the value of your home. Prospective buyers are liable to merely view poor constructions as something that they will have to pay to remove. There is also little point in adding a conservatory which is so costly or enormous that it is simply out of keeping with the rest of the property. A £30,000 conservatory is clearly ridiculous if added to a small terraced house worth £75,000.

Large conservatories can also significantly reduce the size of your garden and so it is important to strike the right balance. Outside space can be as important to buyers as inside space.

It is also crucial that your conservatory is useable all year round. When thinking about the specification consider installing heating and/or air conditioning to ensure that you can maintain a comfortable temperature. Climate control will add to your expense but will enable you to maximise your use of the space and to impress buyers when you sell the property.

Perfect Presentation for Your Conservatory

If you choose your conservatory wisely then you can expect to be able to enjoy the extra space in your conservatory whilst you are living in the house and then to recoup the full value of your investment when you sell. But you must present your conservatory well to achieve this.

It should be clean and tidy, free of clutter and maintained at a pleasant temperature.  You must show potential buyers how they could use the conservatory and exactly how much extra space they will benefit from.  But don’t leave the conservator empty as buyers rarely fall in love with empty spaces. If it looks like an awkward space that you rarely use then it will not be perceived as valuable.

A conservatory is one of the most useful improvements that you can make to your house and also one of the most cost effective. You are unlikely to lose much of your investment and you could even make a profit.