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Is a Conservatory a Wise Investment?

It doesn’t matter how large your house is, you never seem to have enough space do you?

Somehow your life and possessions always expand to suit your property and then expand a little more. Before you know it, all of your cupboards are full up, the loft has been taken over by boxes and there is nowhere to put that new desk that you want. Continue reading Is a Conservatory a Wise Investment?

Would You Benefit from Air Conditioning in the Home?

I remember an occasion a few years ago when a friend returned home from a much needed holiday in Cyprus only to announce that the trip had been something of a disaster. He had experienced all sorts of issues but it had been the lack of air conditioning in the hotel room which had really ruined the holiday. It had proved impossible to sleep and so my fiend has spent much of his break wishing he was back home in England. Continue reading Would You Benefit from Air Conditioning in the Home?

Storage Solutions for the Home

After fourteen years in my current home and thirty years of home ownership I recently realised that I had accumulated a rather enormous amount of what can only be described as stuff! So much stuff indeed that I was running out of places to put it. A fairly ruthless clear out of unnecessary clutter eased the problem but I still found that I needed to create more storage space. My loft was looking like a warehouse facility and my garage more like landfill. Something had to be done! Continue reading Storage Solutions for the Home

The Small Balcony

Life in the city can be exciting and uplifting but does have its challenges and for many people one of those is certainly space. I have occupied several flats over the years none of which had access to so much as a balcony let alone a garden but it was only when I visited a friend in Rome that I appreciated what I had been missing. My friend lived in an attractive apartment in a busy area of the city where space was certainly at a premium and the where noise pollution was incredible.

Continue reading The Small Balcony