Getting Steamy – Why You Need a Demista Heat Pad

Every bathroom needs a mirror. You must be sure that you haven’t missed a bit when you shave and doing your make up without a mirror will almost certainly end in a disaster!

You will automatically stand in front of the mirror to ensure that you are looking at your best and so it is incredibly annoying when you can’t see yourself in it. Instead of that familiar face staring back at you all, you can see is mist.

Misting Over

Bathrooms are small spaces and so all of that hot water can lead to misty mirrors. You then reach out and wipe the mirror with your hand to get a better view and all that does is create smears and blotches. Then the mirror mists over again! You can open the window if you have one to alleviate the problem but that isn’t funny when it is sub-zero outside. You have created a gorgeous cosy environment in the bathroom only to ruin it with a blast of cold air.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could guarantee that your mirror wasn’t going to fog up?

Well you can!

Heated Mirrors

Heated mirrors are a really useful innovation and you should consider fitting one in your bathroom. You will experience no further foggy days and you will never endure any annoying hold-ups when you are trying to get out of the house in the morning. You won’t be wiping mist of your mirror leaving streaks and so you won’t have to clean it so often. Better still, you won’t have to open the window and freeze to death whilst you attend to your cosmetics.

Heated mirrors are reliable and are safe to use in the bathroom. They should provide years of service and they are one of those accessories that you will only truly appreciate when you find yourself without one again.

Your heated mirror is best fitted to an internal wall. It is possible to mount them to external walls but these must be well-insulated and the ambient room temperature should be at least 70°F.

Demista Heat Pads

If you already have a bathroom mirror then it would be a shame to waste it. Why not invest in one of the clever heat pads from Demista? These ultra-slim self-adhesive heating pads can be fitted to the rear of many mirror to provide highly efficient demisting. The pads are available in several different sizes so there should be one which provides a good fit for your existing mirror. Demista pads don’t cost the earth and are a brilliant solution if you have a stylish mirror that you would like to keep.

Steamy bathrooms don’t have to be an issue when you are trying to get ready to go out. You need your mirror but you also need to be able to see yourself in it!