The Secret Garden

As a little girl I was an avid reader from a very young age and was consuming books at an alarming rate. My mother was always looking for books that would appeal to me and I was given a wide variety of works, pretty much all of which I read from cover to cover. One of my favourites was Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden. Continue reading The Secret Garden

Big Data and Small Retailers

Most shoppers are aware that the big retailers use sophisticated software to analyse our shopping habits and to monitor their stock. They are assisted in this endeavour by loyalty cards and reward cards which enable them to see the activity of individual shoppers. The supermarket chains now know exactly what we buy and when and so can tailor special offers to individual shoppers. Continue reading Big Data and Small Retailers

Finding the Perfect Mirror

Mirrors can work on so many different levels in the home. Often they are the perfect choice for enhancing the light or creating the illusion of space. In these cases larger mirrors are the best choice and simple styles are usually the most effective. However, sometimes it is the mirror itself that you want to be the centre of attention. If that is the case then a more decorative piece with an interesting frame, an unusual shape or striking form would fit the bill. Continue reading Finding the Perfect Mirror