Storage Solutions for the Home

After fourteen years in my current home and thirty years of home ownership I recently realised that I had accumulated a rather enormous amount of what can only be described as stuff! So much stuff indeed that I was running out of places to put it. A fairly ruthless clear out of unnecessary clutter eased the problem but I still found that I needed to create more storage space. My loft was looking like a warehouse facility and my garage more like landfill. Something had to be done! Continue reading Storage Solutions for the Home

Lost Wax Casting

Many people love to collect bronze sculptures to display in their homes. These pieces are often studies of favourite subjects like cats, dogs, birds and other wildlife.  Artists such as Michael Simpson, David Geenty and Tim Cotterill release series of bronze sculptures. Buying an original work of art is costly but most of these sculptures are not originals but rather copies, often in limited editions. If you like these sculptures then you may have wondered how they are produced. Most are made using what is known as lost wax casting. Continue reading Lost Wax Casting

My Favourite Garden

As a teenager I had little interest in gardening and certainly did not sufficiently appreciate the lovely garden at our family home. I would be delighted to have that garden now with its numerous fruit trees and beautiful flowers. It is not, however, that garden that I would really like to transplant to my current home but rather one that I discovered in France. Continue reading My Favourite Garden