Seven Years of Bad luck?

I broke a mirror yesterday and not for the first time in my life. Does this mean that I am about to endure seven years of bad luck?  That is what the old superstition says that life has in store for me but somehow I think not. With the number of mirrors I have broken over the years I would be decidedly dead and buried by now if there was any truth to that story! Continue reading Seven Years of Bad luck?

Candles for Christmas

There are some things that I simply can’t resist at Christmas even though I could be described as a festive curmudgeon. I have no religious beliefs and find the commercialisation of the whole affair rather offensive. On the other hand I do always take a sneaky drive down a local road where the residents have a tendency to put it out there on the lighting front and I do rather enjoy a bit of tinsel! Continue reading Candles for Christmas